Products that Cause Sexual Dysfunction & Safe Alternatives

Masculine sexual dysfunction is quite the major concern for males in almost every part of the world, in this day and age. Surprisingly, the number of cases of male health decline has seen an increase in the last few decades, becoming more numerous than ever before.

There are many factors that contribute to the increase in male health risks; and recent studies have shown that a lot of the blame for these maladies lies with household cleaning and hygiene products.

While household products such as cleaning fluids, shampoos, and soaps have been the subject of controversy for a very long time, it has only recently been determined that a number of products that we use on a daily basis contain chemicals that are a reason for erectile dysfunction.

Chemicals such as Phthalates and Alkyl-Phenol Ethoxylates, harmful metals such as Lead, and hormone disruptors such as Triclosan are found in some of the most common cleaning solutions, personal hygiene products, and other items of household convenience.

The relatively common usage of such chemical-abundant products in not a pleasant sign for the alleviation of male health related issues, which is why it is better to use products that are just as effective for daily household usage while not being harmful at all.

Fully organic products of daily usage, cleaning materials that are non-toxic and personal hygiene solutions that can safely be used without health-based repercussions are all viable alternatives to toxic products.

Household Products that are a Cause for Male Sexual Dysfunction

There are a variety of household products that are becoming a cause of male health issues. These products, although effective in their own right, contain some chemical as an active ingredient, of as an appeal enhancer. Following are some of the more common such chemicals.

Alkyl-Phenol Ethoxylates

Although Alkyl-Phenol Ethoxylates themselves do not contain any estrogen, they mimic the effects of the female sex hormone in the body, causing general feminization and a reduction in healthy sperm quantities.

The resulting hormonal imbalance causes a drop in both muscle mass, and sexual virility, while also rendering many male enhancement medication and products ineffective.


These chemicals are used to give personal hygiene products a fragrance, which is why they are used in a great number of masculine grooming products, as well as in hand soaps and even toilet paper.

According to several studies conducted on the effects of personal grooming products of sexual health, Phthalates have been linked to reduced sperm quantities in men.

This is a dire health concern, both for men in general and for those in healthy relationships, which makes it a genuine detractor for male health.


Lead is one of the most common causes of reproductive issues in men. Incidentally, it is also one of the most common pollutants found in our environment, being abundant in tap water and many of the foods that we eat, as well as a lot of the household products that we use.


Triclosan is found in many of the antibacterial products that are used on a daily basis, such as hand sanitizers and toothpaste.

While it is indeed a very effective antibacterial agent, it gives rise to bacteria that have become immune to the chemical, thus making the body even more susceptible to diseases, especially in males.

Masculine hygiene products usually contain stronger antibacterial chemicals, which includes a higher amount of triclosan, which then results in men being more vulnerable to the adverse effects of the stronger, immune bacteria.

The Solution

The truth is that almost all of the items that we use on a daily basis can be replaced with other materials that are not harmful at all to the health, especially male health. For instance, instead of using chemically fragranced products, we can use items that are fully organic, or perfumed using natural, essential oils.

Not only will this be a better choice in general, it will have many other health as well as environmental benefits.

Personal hygiene products such as shampoos can be replaced with hair care products that contain all natural ingredients, which yield the same, and sometimes even better results, as compared to chemical infused products.

Similarly, instead of antibacterial products that contain large amounts of triclosan and other harmful chemicals that cause male sexual dysfunction and reproductive health concern, we can use natural, organic products that use natural ingredients, such as herbs and oils found in nature.

Not only are these natural ingredients better for health overall, but a lot of these ingredients can actually be more beneficial to masculine health in the long run.

Some chemicals, such as the ones that are a cause of hormonal imbalance, need to be avoided at all costs, as they can interfere with any male enhancement products that the individual may be using at the time. This is mostly in the case of products that use chemicals which mimic the properties of estrogen in men.

As estrogen is the dominant sex hormone in females, it can cause a lot of masculine sexual and reproductive systems to malfunction, reducing both fertility and in some cases even rendering the individual partially impotent.

The severity of the consequences of using products that contain such chemicals makes it absolutely necessary to avoid usage, opting instead for products that are certified organic, and consisting of mostly natural ingredients.


At a time when chemicals are becoming part and parcel of our daily lives, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep track of what we are using on our bodies. But along with the inclusion of chemicals in almost every product that we use on a daily basis, we are also seeing a rise in the number of organic and natural everyday products.

Products such as shampoo that contains mostly natural ingredients such as tea tree oil, coffee and honey extracts and protein from eggs and yogurt, are a very effective alternative to using a shampoo that has an abundant amount of alkyl-phenol ethoxylates.

Similarly, it is better to use common substances such as baking soda and alcohol based cleaners for cleaning and surface hygiene.

Additionally, plant based products are some of the best solutions for both personal hygiene as well as household maintenance. A fresh and fragrant smelling plant is a much better solution than an aerosol air freshener.

Similarly a natural hand soap that consists of pure and naturally sourced ingredients is better for overall health.

If it is difficult to find all natural products, it is always better to look for products that have a less convoluted, or shorter list of ingredients. These products are less likely to cause many of the symptoms of sexual dysfunction, due to their fewer irritants and harmful chemicals, and inclusion of natural ingredients.

Products such as soaps and hand sanitizers as well as shampoos and toothpastes with fewer ingredients are also more specialized, and deliver better results.

It is important to remember that male sexual health is an important issue nowadays. Also important is to consider the fact that chemical rich product are harmful to the environment as well.

This makes it necessary to introduce lifestyle changes that alleviate a lot of the symptoms of male sexual dysfunction, for a healthy sex life and a happy lifestyle.