5 Causes of Stress for Men and How to Avoid it

Majority of the men in the world have suffered from, or do suffer from stress in some way, shape or form, in their lives. It has become a given, of sorts, to see a man stressed out about something that is not going as planned in his life, therefore causing him stress and all the negativity, both physical and mental, that comes with stress.

Here are 5 causes of stress for men:

1 Financial Insecurity

Financial Insecurity is often one of the primary causes of stress in anyone’s life. This is especially true for men. With increased cost of living and other expenses, many feel the economic burden very strongly, and this causes a lot of stress.

2. Physically Demanding Jobs

Men often work physically taxing professions in construction, factory work, and many others. Even the traveling professional may experience a demand on the body that leads to excessive stress.

3. Relationship Problems with Spouse or Partner

We can all attest to this. Either we have dealt with it personally or have seen friends and family deal with it. Let’s face it, it’s difficult to be in a romantic relationship with anyone, so having issues here is a common cause for stress.

4. Overly demanding Managers or Bosses

Our jobs are often a major source of stress. Men especially deal with very demanding superiors at work. Meeting dead lines, and goals is one stress. But having to deal with a manager who has a personality disorder is much more difficult.

A Family Member in a Medical Crisis

With so many medical issues in our society today, many of use have to deal with another family members medical crisis. This is often the case for men, who have to deal with older parents who are sick, a sick spouse, or often a child’s medical issues. These are also major cause for stress.

While stress is seen as a natural and integral part of a man’s life, the fact of the matter is that stress can cause more damage to male health, especially male sexual health, than what is commonly known. From male sexual dysfunction, physical weakness and increased fatigue, to weight loss, and in some particularly alarming cases, ailments such as diabetes and hypertension; stress has a lot of adverse effects.

This makes it very important to avoid stress and all that brings about stress, for the modern man. Men, both in the past and present, have highlighted the impact on male sexual health that stress and related anxieties can have.  This is why it is necessary for men to avoid stress and anything that brings about stress at all costs.  The issue of male sexual dysfunction is a growing one in today’s society and it is imperative that if we want to get rid of this terrible affliction, we need to take certain measures in order to avoid stress.

A Real Issue, with Very Real Effects on Male Health

The man of today has a myriad of reasons for taking stress. From financial issues to marital issues, and problems in the workplace, the list of reasons for stress goes on and on. It is a sad truth that men who already go through so much on a daily basis also have to deal with harmful and even life changing issues just because of stress.

Some of these issues, such as crankiness, and disinterest in much else, contribute to problems in the social life of the man who is plagued by them. And some of them, like erectile dysfunction, and other masculine ailments, threaten to ruin more than just the person’s social life and interpersonal relationships, but their very health.

Following is a list of all the ailments that occur as a result of stress.

Elevated Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and hypertension are by far the most common ailments associated with stress. This is especially true for men, who have a tendency to take more stress and have an anatomy that elevates the chances of hypertension.


Diabetes is another very common result of excessive stress, for men in particular. This is once again partly due to the male anatomy, which has an even worse response to stress than the female anatomy. Diabetes and high blood sugar are commonly seen in men who have more stressful jobs and lives.

Anxiety and Depression

On the mental spectrum, we have ailments and conditions such as depression, anxiety and paranoia, all of which are a serious problem for men all over the world. This is one of the more worrying situations in men, seeing as it is responsible for more suicides as well as violent outbursts than any other mental condition or general situation.

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Stress causes the body to limit the amount of nervous system dedication to various parts of the body that require blood flow and nerve activation on a regular basis. This in turn causes those parts of the body to malfunction and to be limited in their activity. The masculine genitalia are an area which is severely affected by this limitation in nervous system engagement, which then causes male sexual dysfunction.

The Solution

Male sexual health and male health in general, suffer greatly from stress, which is why it is necessary for men to take steps to alleviate stress at all costs. This can be done by adopting the following lifestyle changes, as well as making the following habits second nature.

Elimination of the Source of Stress

The first and foremost, as well as the most proactive measure that you can take is to attack the stress at the source, and eliminate whatever it is that is causing you stress. For example, if the source of the issue is at work, then you can slowly pinpoint it, and confront it, which will then lead you to resolving it. And if the source of the stress is at home, then talk it out with whoever is causing you to take stress, and resolve any and all issues in a civil manner.

Diet and Exercise

Another very proactive measure, which also functions as a very positive lifestyle change, is the adoption of a diet that does not contain any harmful substances, such as those which lead to further health issues; and exercise which results in male sexual health being replenished as well.

Exercise is especially good if you take supplements, or have a diet that is focused on male enhancement. When it comes to physical goals such as male enhancement, it is necessary to avoid any and all sources of stress, which can be done by maintaining a healthy diet and getting lots of exercise.

Quit Smoking and Substance Usage

Smoking is one of the biggest obstacles in the way of male sexual health and male enhancement. So much so that it can cause low sperm in even young men. This is why it is necessary to quit smoking and the usage of other harmful and addictive substances which damage your health.

Meditate and Think Positive

Meditation is recognized as one of the greatest remedies for just about any ailment, from the minor to the more serious. This is because it brings about a state of calm, which then allows for the body’s natural healing process to take over, and brings about physical betterment.

Relax More Often

A little bit of rest goes a long way, making you more stress free and positive in general. This is because of the tendency of the human mind to slow down and think rationally when we are resting. This is of utmost importance for men who are constantly running around and who do not rest for most of the day. Studies have shown that 15-20 minutes of rest during a regular day can ease the same number of health issues in men.

Learn to Live Happy and Stress-Free

This may seem difficult at first, especially if you are already afflicted with stress and all the harm that it brings with it, but there is no doubt about the fact that living happily and avoiding stress at all costs is the most effective way to be physically fit and active for life.


Stress is a major detractor from male enhancement efforts and male health in general. It is exceedingly common, and many people have it and suffer from it without knowing that they do, which is often why it goes unnoticed until it is too late. This is why stress needs to be avoided at all costs.

Good, healthy habits, a positive mindset, and an active lifestyle can help you avoid any and all types of stress, while boosting your health along the way.