How helping your partner in the kitchen stimulates romance

Women in the 21st century have made tremendous steps to redeem themselves from some old school family rules. However, the gender stereotypes are still as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago. For a long time it has been believed that the role of the man is to go to work and take charge of all financial obligations.

The woman on the other hand has been tasked with doing the everyday house hold chores such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of the baby, etc.

But that is a trend that many couples today are ready to shift from. A recent survey on married couples found out that 70% of them prefer cooking together. The study further found out that couples that spent time together in the kitchen were more satisfied in many areas of life than those who didn’t.

Helping out each other in the kitchen is an important aspect of the relationship. But sometimes you do not necessarily have to do anything. Just being there and telling stories while the food is cooking is all that you need to ignite romance.

5 Romantic Dinners to prepare with your partner

couple having fun in kitchenThe thought of preparing a meal with your partner is romantically appealing itself. Often it seems to make the meal even more delicious. In that case, you will have ‘killed it’, as many would say. Provided you both are actively involved in it, it is a glorious moment to share a meal together.

Furthermore, one is happy when he/she receives a compliment from his/her partner over a meal they prepared together.

You can set aside a special day, on a weekly or monthly basis, where it becomes like a ritual for special dinner. This will keep you always looking forward to it and in return maintain high levels of good feelings in the relationship.

1. Thai Red Curry

For people who aren’t Thai, making and eating Thai food is something that doesn’t happen very often. Thus, getting a moment to prepare it together would be a great way of saying this is a special occasion for you two. Here is the recipe.

2. Lemon Garlic Pasta

For starters, messing up pastas isn’t something that’s easy to come by. This dinner is advantaged by the fact that it is delicious, yet doesn’t involve risks of sauce that may destroy a tablecloth never used before. Visit Wonky Wonderful for the recipe.

3. Almond-Crusted Pork Loin with Red Wine Raisins

Raisins soaked in red wine are a perfect combination with pork loin. The idea that it is taken alongside red wine means you have a bottle of wine already open while you two are lost in the cooking gimmicks. Get the recipe here.

4. Spiced Sirloin Roast for Two

This one you may have to prepare alone while your partner is seated somewhere in the kitchen watching your confidence. The fact that you need a thermometer while preparing this meal is a display of confidence – a sexy dose. Here is the recipe.

5. Baked Chicken with Tomatoes and Garlic

What follows a romantic dinner? Sex probably. What would you rather avoid after such a beautiful moment? Washing dishes. The importance of this romantic dinner is that it is not only delightful but also minimizes on dishes.

How Cooking Together Stimulates Romance

Fosters communication

couple hugging in kitchenThe most important thing in any marriage is communication. Without communication, a lot cannot be done, including being romantic. While cooking a meal together, you pretty much improve the technique because you need to share ideas and exchange a few compliments here and there.

Even writing down the list of items to pick from the grocery store itself needs effective communication between the two of you.

While writing a menu plan for the week, you will find it unavoidable to buy food intentionally. This is, in essence, a way of communicating expectations from each other. You and your spouse will have to at least be on the same page in this area.

Additionally, once you can comfortably criticize how your partner is chopping onions, you will find it easy to verbally discuss how you are being intimate together.

A stronger relationship for more romance

Research has proven that couples who engage in similar activities tend to have the strongest relationships. That’s not to say you should go out and hunt with your hubby!

What if your workplace is a complete opposite of your partner’s? Well, you may have run out of ideas of the things that can bring the two of you together and just forget to look at one important area – the kitchen. There is no doubt that you both have to eat. Then why shouldn’t you start helping out each other in the kitchen?

Once you decide to assist your partner in the kitchen, you will find yourself interested in some TV programs of interest to her. Some couples even begin to watch Food Network together. Need something that you two can be interested in? Cooking is one thing that you can do together, improve over the years and probably teach your partner a thing or two.

Enhances Teamwork

By working together in the kitchen, you build the aspect of teamwork in the relationship. You get to learn how to go about a tag-team situation.

The success of this venture you have both taken up depends solely on your ability to collectively complete tasks. You may work together on the same dish, prepare the onions while the other gets tomatoes done or just about anything that needs collective input.

Yes, teamwork is related to communication, but it also educates on fair distribution of chores. If your partner is not much of a cooking fan, accepting to tidy up the kitchen during the cleaning process will be much commendable. The most important thing is that you are both still doing what matters the most – working as a team.

Enjoy Together

When the timer has finally gone off and the kitchen is laden with the aroma of a salivating meal, it leaves you super excited. Finally, all the hard work you collectively put together has paid off. And if the meal didn’t turn out 100 percent as you had expected, that is not to say all is lost.

What counts the most is the love and care that was involved while preparing the meal. Your ultimate satisfaction is not tied just to the meal but also to the thought that you were working with your partner towards the achievement of a common goal.

The skill learned here can be applied in many other spheres of your relationship.


Preparing a meal together as a couple goes a long way in stimulating romance in your relationship. It encourages communication, the backbone of any given relationship. By igniting romance, you are assured of a satisfactory intimate moment with your partner.