Five Ways to Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is by far the most important hormone of all, for men. It makes the basis for masculinity, and masculine traits in men, and is sought after by all manner of people, from the average Joe to the serious bodybuilder. The status of testosterone as the hormone responsible for increased muscle mass and bone density in men, has led to its being coveted even by many female bodybuilders and strength competitors.

While the male body makes its own testosterone naturally; the amount of testosterone made in the body is dependent on the individual’s age, as well as their lifestyle and diet. These factors can sometimes result in the individual’s testosterone falling below normal levels, and in some cases, even causing a drastic fall, which then leads to male sexual dysfunction.

There are a variety of ways by which an individual can increase their body’s own testosterone output. From supplements, to medication, to even performance enhancing steroids, the options available to the modern man are virtually endless. However, a lot of the methods have negative side effects; some of them being very severe. This is why it is better to look for ways to increase the testosterone output of the body naturally, for optimum male sexual health as well as general health.

Some ways to improve testosterone levels include a better diet, as well as exercise, and even lifestyle changes such as more rest and sleep. These alterations to how men go about their day can contribute hugely towards male enhancement and male sexual health.

Factors Detrimental Towards Testosterone Production

The male anatomy is centered around testosterone, which is the primary male sex hormone. Being so, it is responsible for many of the traits that are defined as masculine, such as increased muscle mass, less body fat as compared to women on average, and body hair. But as with any biological being, the male anatomy begins to deteriorate and slowly cease in many of its self-maintenance functions.

One of these functions is the production of testosterone, which is also, incidentally, the hormone most attributed to youthful masculinity and vigor. As the body ages however, so does the testosterone production process, to the point where it slows down considerably, making for a rapid decrease in muscularity and an increase in both bone weakness and body fat.

On the male sexual health front, the lowering of the testosterone productions spells impending doom, seeing as testosterone is directly responsible for the masculine sexuality, and the ability to not only get aroused but maintain male sexual health. The aging process is one of the most common causes for male sexual dysfunction, along with unhealthy eating and living habits and an unhealthy lifestyle in general.

Following are some of the other factors, highlighted and detailed, that cause low testosterone production in men.

An Unhealthy Diet

A lesser known contributor to the fall in testosterone production is an unhealthy diet.

Various studies in the past have linked low testosterone production to obesity and unhealthy dietary habits, and have proven that eating unhealthy is a major contributing factor for low testosterone production in men. The consumption of foods which are high in polyunsaturated fats as well as foods that generally cause fatigue and are high in cholesterol, are some of the biggest culprits towards low testosterone production and male sexual dysfunction.

Very Little to No Exercise

Exercise and increased activity have been proven to increase the production of testosterone in the male anatomy. This is because of their direct engagement with the adrenal glands which, along with the testes, produce most of the testosterone inside the body.

When there is a lack of exercise in a man’s life, it will undoubtedly lead to low testosterone production and even male sexual dysfunction. This factor is especially true if the man in question is in pursuit of male enhancement, as said enhancement is only possible if supported with a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Body’s Natural Ageing Process

As discussed earlier, the body’s own aging process is one of the most common contributing factors towards low testosterone in men. However, this does not take away from the fact that if a healthy lifestyle is pursued even into old age, the production of testosterone will not slow down as much as is expected. Still, age and the various other changes that it brings into a man’s life can cause some of the bodily functions in men to slow down and gradually come to a complete stop.

One of these functions is the production of the male sex hormone as we can see from the clear lack of libido in ageing men.


Stress and worry are recently discovered causes of low testosterone production. Stress also has several other debilitating abilities but one of the most dangerous is the effect it has on the testosterone production in a man’s body. When you take stress, you are essentially depriving the body and the physical functions from the attention and nervous system engagement that they require.  This is what causes such functions to slow down over time, just as is the case with age.

The Solution for Low Testosterone Production in Men

There are various ways to naturally increase the body’s testosterone production without having to subject your body to harmful anabolic steroids, as well as other testosterone boosting medication which may have a negative effect later on. Following are some of the most effective ways to boost testosterone in the body.

Consume Healthier Foods

Eating healthy has almost countless benefits, regardless of gender. But for men in particular, especially those with low testosterone, having a healthy diet is of utmost importance, seeing as bad dietary habits are highly responsible for low testosterone production even in young men.

Studies conducted on the relation between the consumption of ‘good fats’, such as those in olive oil, dry fruits, avocados, coconuts and dark chocolate, prove that including these foods in the diet can increase testosterone production. In addition to that, consumption of proteins and essential minerals, through meat, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit, can add to the body’s testosterone manufacturing process.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

Fenugreek extract, vitamin D and D-aspartic acid are all natural boosters of testosterone, as they cause the body to produce additional testosterone, thus pushing innate testosterone production into overdrive.

Get Sufficient Rest

Rest and relaxation allow the body and many of its natural processes to recharge and begin anew, including the production of testosterone. Getting enough sleep, relative to how active you are during the day, is a very effective way to naturally produce more testosterone.

Fitness and Exercise

Perhaps the most effective testosterone booster of all is a healthy amount of physical activity. Getting an hour or even half an hour of exercise during the day can contribute to the body’s natural testosterone production, thus resulting in male enhancement as well.


Low testosterone is an increasingly common problem in otherwise healthy men nowadays. The loss of testosterone causes libido to drop, masculine health to take a dive, and general health to fall in increasing levels of rapidity. This is why it is necessary for men to take the aforementioned measures, and implement the recommended lifestyle changes, so that they may be able to enjoy a healthier, better life.