A simple workout guide to help improve your health

In today’s world, it seems as though everyone is busier than usual. From the nine to five employees to the small business owner, the corporate giant, and even the self-employed artist, everyone has become involved in the daily grind to such an extent that any and all thoughts of personal health and wellness have taken a back seat.

This is especially true for working men, who have become so weary, and have neglected their health so much, that they have become susceptible to male health dysfunction.

This has become the common conundrum of the modern man, and it has led to some serious health risks, the aforementioned male health dysfunction being one of them.

A lifestyle that is devoid of any exercise of wellness activity is now commonplace. The lifestyle is defended by opinions regarding the time consuming nature of exercise, not taking into account the vast number of fitness training methods and workouts that can be fitted into short periods during the day.

An In-Depth Look at the Health Risks Associated with Not Exercising

The human body is built to operate like a well-oiled machine. And like all machines, it needs a good amount of maintenance, to be able to function normally. While machine maintenance comes in the form of cleansing and rejuvenation through lubrication, repair and more, body maintenance is done through regular exercise.

When this maintenance is not performed on a timely basis, the condition of the machine, that is the body, begins to deteriorate over time.

This then gives rise to health problems over time. It is especially true for men, whose bodies have been designed to exert more, hence the muscle mass and bone density. Masculine health is very closely attached to exercise and exertion. Being such, it is going against the nature of the male body to not give it enough exercise to maintain fitness.

There is a variety of health risks associated with zero exercise, for men in particular. These health risks include, but are not limited to, the following.

Unhealthy Weight Gain

The average working man’s food intake during the day includes a lot of unhealthy fat and cholesterol, all of which can lead to a gradual gain in weight. This gain is mostly in terms of the aforementioned fat, which, unlike muscle gain, is very dangerous in the long term.

The effect is compounded when there is no exercise to compensate for the gain in weight, which leads to lethargy and even some of the health effects listed below.

Blood Pressure Abnormality

Abnormally high blood pressure, which can significantly increase the risk of heart diseases, is another harmful side-effect of an unhealthy routine with no exercise. Hypertension can open the doors to various other illnesses as well, which makes it especially dangerous, especially in younger men.

Male Sexual Health

Perhaps the biggest cause for concern, health wise, for a man, is sexual dysfunction. There are two reasons for this being such an important issue. Firstly, sexual performance is part and parcel of masculinity, and secondly, there is a psychological effect that comes with masculine sexual dysfunction, that leads to mental health problems as well.

Male sexual health is of utmost importance to a man, if he is to have a healthy life, as healthy testosterone levels in the body promote healthy bodily function.

Now that all the health risks have been laid out, the question arises; as to what is the solution? What can be done to prevent all of these adverse effects, without having to dedicate hours to the gym? Is there a workout plan or are there any workouts that can be performed in minimal time, while yielding maximum health and wellness? And will these workouts assist with male health dysfunction and sexual health?

The Solution: Easy and Effective Workouts for Masculine health

The answer to all of the aforementioned questions is, yes. There are some exercises that can be squeezed in during the day to keep the body healthy and happy. Following are some of the best exercises for male sexual health.

Body weight Exercises

These exercises are performed by a large variety of men all over the world, from soldiers, to martial artists, and from serious bodybuilders, to regular, fit men. The main benefit of body weight exercises is the muscle toning and strengthening that they promote, which in turn results in fat loss, and eventually, male enhancement.


Perhaps the most well known of all body weight exercises is the push-up. Performed as both a main exercise in many routines, as well as a physical challenge these days, the push-up can improve the upper torso drastically, if performed with good form, for a large number of repetitions, every day. The heart is located in the upper torso, and so the loss of fat that push-ups can induce promotes heart health as well.


The sit-up does for the midsection, what the push-up does for the upper torso i.e. it tightens and tones the core muscles, making for a leaner, more attractive physique, which is also a confidence booster. The sit-up can be performed in conjunction with the push-up, for even better physical development.

Body weight Squat

Rounding off the body weight exercises, and focusing more on the legs, we have the body weight squat; one of the best toning exercises for the legs. Since the squat focuses on the legs, and lower body development, it is effective for good circulation around the nether regions, ultimately producing male enhancement.


The pull-up is good for sculpting the back, cutting away the ever-troublesome back fat that leads to spinal discomfort. A workout regimen that includes pull-ups alleviates symptoms of abnormal spinal conditions, and corrects the posture as well.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardio training is by far the best for fat reduction and physical fitness in the long term. A good cardio routine can be performed anywhere, from a hiking trail to the comfort of your own home. The latter forms of cardio are, surprisingly, some of the most effective as well.

Jump Rope

This is one exercise that has remained a favorite of professional fighters and general fitness conscious individuals alike, ever since it came into being. Needless to say, it can be performed in the smallest of spaces, while the impact remains quite high. A good exercise for getting in shape without even having to leave the house, the jump rope should be included in just about every fitness routine.


If you love the outdoors, then jogging is the workout for you, as it is a very effective form of steady state cardio. The fresh air does wonders for the muscles, supplying them with vital oxygen for even longer cardio sessions than normal.

Brisk Walking

A round of brisk walking around the block, or even during the regular short-commutes, can increase the metabolism enough to kick the calorie burning process into high gear, effectively creating the desire for more intense workouts.

Light Weight Training

Weight training or bodybuilding, as it is commonly known, is often seen as the dedicated man’s activity, something that the busy man just cannot do. However, there are several forms of weight training that even the most unfit and otherwise engaged person can get involved in.

Light bodybuilding, that is bodybuilding with light weights and for higher reps, performed at a fast pace, can have a superb fat cutting effect on the body, while toning the muscles and inducing a perpetually fit state. The rush of blood that is brought about by light weight training has a positive effect on male enhancement, as it improves blood circulation.


As far as holistic health practices go, yoga is the best principle for the promotion of a healthy body and an active mind. Bikram yoga, or hot yoga as it is commonly known, is especially good for men due to its promotion of healthy blood circulation and flexibility, which then translates to better male sexual health without the need for medication. The elimination of the need for medication is one of the highlights of this form of physical exercise, making it doubly beneficial in terms of masculine health and wellness.


All in all, exercise and general activity is beneficial for all those either suffering from male health dysfunction, or those susceptible to it. Not only can you see the results in your day to day functioning as a working man, but the benefits that you will reap in your private life will make exercising for fitness all the more worth it.